New use for old entertainment centers

Auntie Kate The Resale Expert

Okay, for all of your furniture consignment shops, resale home decor places, non-profit thrift stores who get all those entertainment centers in…. that no one wants anymore.

I’ll bet you’re tired of suggesting to customers they could be turned into home offices

or pantries.

Or even laundry room organizers.

So here’s a new idea. Super-cute play kitchen (notice the poster as window! And the chandelier! I would have killed for my very own chandelier at that age.)

Entertainment center turned.... well, entertainment center, right?

Printing these ideas out, slipping them into a plastic sleeve or plexi sign holder to inspire browsers… might sell a few of those behemoths.

My thanks to Susan Carleton, who posted the pink kitchen photo on her Pinterest page and got me started on this. Warning!Don’t go to Pinterest. Even though I’m on it too. You’ll go on wondrous journeys throughout the internet while your laundry will mildew, your family…

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2 thoughts on “New use for old entertainment centers

  1. Thanks for liking, and passing on, my post from … that’s recycling recycled squared, or tripled, or STUFFed or something! Way for us ALL to go!

  2. very nice blog you have here!

    ( and thanks very much for following my blog)

    wish u much success with stuff in 2012

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